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Return Trip to Korea by a group of KVA Veterans Apr 2007

Nov 11 2001 Busan Korea We will Remember
The Korea Times, a leading English language newspaper published in Seoul today ran a photo and caption from the first ever November 11 Veterans Commemoration Day held in the United Nations Cemetery in Busan.
Shown in the photo are Mr. Peter Seiersen, who represented all Canadian Veterans and with him is Mr. Leo Demay, the son of Fallen Comrade Soldat Andre A. Regimbald, who was killed in action in Korea on September 5, 1952, serving with the 1st Battalion of The Royal 22e Regiment.
M. Demay had been at the UN Cemetery a week earlier visiting his father’s grave. He heard about the November 11 Veterans Memorial Service that was scheduled and remained in Busan several days so that he could participate.
He placed floral tribute for his father. Mr. Seiersen placed floral tributes for each of the three battalions of The Royal Canadian Regiment, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, The PPCLI Warrant Officers and Senior NCO’s Club (Retired) and for the Korea Veterans Association of Canada.
Peter also placed flowers for the memory of Corporal James Kenneth Evans, of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, who was killed in action on October 23, 1951. The wreath was placed on behalf of Captain James L. Colville and a fellow corporal who had served with Corporal Evans.
They are shown in the photo standing in front of the Monument to Canadian Fallen. The monument is sited in the middle of the Canadian graves section of the cemetery.

The busy City of Seoul today in 2007

Korea Revisit 2007. Notice the guy in th rear following the Infantry

(Bob Tuck RCHA Unit 76 Winnipeg)

Korea Veterans Bob Tuck and James Morgan of Unit 76 KVA Revisit Trip

Korea Apr 2007. Click on picture to read article

Two Korea Vets saying thanks to an old friend they left behind 2007

Group of Korea Veterans on revisit trip to Korea April 2007

Social event Korea Revisit Program Apr 2007 Far right Donald Farmer McCurdy always a lady's man

The other woman Donald and his Wife Marion McCurdy Apr 2007

Ambassador For Peace Official Proclamation
The Official Proclamation is presented to each member along with an official medal the Ambassador of Peace Medal shown in group picture of those that returned on the revisit trip on the 17 April 2007

Memorial at Kapyong Korea

This is what Seoul looks like today in the year 2007 Beautiful

Not far from the beautiful city of Seoul things look the way they did in the 50's

Forward Observation Post along the DMZ Korea, 2007

Denis Lafreniere former member of the 2 PPCLI & Prince Phillip
This picture was taken in Korea in 2003. Denis was on a revisit trip to Korea when the picture was taken. Denis is a member of Unit 76 KVA. He often speaks of the changes and thanks God that he had the chance to go back and visit the place of his youth and the many memories he has of his tour in Korea and his many friends. Dennis also had a brother that served with the RCHA in Korea he has recently passed away.

Hal Payne (deceased), Korean Senior and Norm Van Tassel, Korea Revisit 1994

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