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Introduction to the Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Unit 76 KVA

This street is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
We owe a vote of thanks to Don Mackay CD of Winnipeg for his hard work and dedication to Sgt Tommy Prince MM. Don you have done this old soldier justice and we all thank you.

Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Park Winnipeg Manitoba
Dedication to Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Park 10 June 2007
Please note Tommy is not the most decorated aboriginal soldier in Canada. We can maybe safely say the most decorated aboriginal soldier in Manitoba but not Canada.

Dedication of the Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Park10 June 2007
Tommy Prince Cadet Corp on the 10th of June 2007 the Tommy Prince Cadet Corp carried the flags of the Sgt Tommy Prince MM KVA Unit 76 on parade. This special occasion was the dedication of the Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Park at Battery St and Selkirk Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is the result of the hard work and dedication to his friend done over the years by Don Mackay

Sgt Tommy Prince MM
Sgt. Tommy Prince was ONE of Canada's most decorated Aboriginal war heroes, serving in World War II and the Korea War. Therefore, it was only fitting that we named the newest Korea Veterans Association after him. This new Association will be called Sgt Tommy Prince, MM Korea Veterans Memorial Unit 76, Winnipeg. For more information on the Sgt Tommy Prince Unit re applications, bylaws, etc, go to

Medals of Sgt Tommy Prince MM

Medals of Sgt Tommy Prince MM L to R Military Medal, 1939/45 Star, Italy Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, Canadian Volunteer Medal with Bar, 1939/45 War Medal, Korea 11950/53 War Medal, Korea Volunteer Medal, Peacekeeping Medal for service in Korea after the 27 Jul 1953 his 2nd tour, United Nations Medal Korea and the Silver Star award by the US Military for service with the First Special Service Force Devils Bdge. (FSSF)

The Charter issued for the Sgt Tommy Prince MM Unit 76
This charter was issued to Unit 76 in Nov of 2005 and their home unit is the #4 Royal Canadian Legion St James Branch Located at 1755 Portage Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Sgt Tommy Prince MM Unit 76 KVA
Pictured above are the flags of the Korea Veterans Association the Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Unit 76. The unit works out of their home Unit #4 Royal Canadian Legion Winnipeg, Manitoba. These flags were obtained through donations and the sales of clocks by members of the Korea Veterans Associations of Canada and we thank them for helping us out. The unit meets once a month, usually at lunch time on the last Wednesday of the month at #4 Royal Canadian Legion, 1755 Portage Ave. There is no dress code for meetings and they are usually informal. If you know a Korea Veteran who may want to join the association it is never too late. You can drop into #4 RCL and they will pass on an application form to you.

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To Our Readers
There are still many veterans from the Korea War that have not bothered joining any associations related to Veterans. Although we are all getting on in age we encourage you to take out membership in your local Legion or Korea Veterans Associations. There is also a life time membership offered in the General Rockingham Unit of the Korea Veterans Association. It offers membership to those that may be out of town or just not living in a area where there is a KVA Unit. It should also be said that you can belong to any unit in any Province in Canada without being a resident of that Province. You may have friends in a unit and it is your right if you so desire to belong to that unit although you may never take part in their functions. As long as you are willing to pay your membership that will be your unit. For more info on the Korea Veteran Association to contact Norm

Thank you for reading this and looking at my blog, for more info on the Tommy Prince MM KVA Unit 76 go to here you will find application forms that can be downloaded and the Unit, By-laws to give you an understanding of the purpose and goals of the Korea Veterans Association of Canada.

President - Roy L McIvor PPCLI, (Presently in Hospital recovring from a stroke) Vice Pres Robert A Tuck RCHA (acting as President during Roy's recovery period), Austin Bradley RCR, Membership Chairman Dennis LaFreniere and Sgt At Arms Al Chaisson RCHA. Meetings are held the last Wednesday of the month, location #4 RCL 1755 Portage Ave. Lunch meet at 1130 a.m., meeting starts 12 noon.

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