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Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Unit 76 Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Discharge Service Pin 1950 - 1955
Discharge Service Pin was awarded to those that served in Korea from 1950 - 1955. On the back of the pin is recorded a number, that number is registered in the name of the Veteran receiving it in DHH Ottawa.

The Crest of the Korea Veterans Association of Canada
If you are a Korea Veteran there are still a number of active units across Canada. Please consider joining one of the units in your area.

These are the medals of The Korea Veterans Association of Canada
To clarify, these are not Military Medals but medals that are earned through the Association either at a Unit, Region or National level for services performed during ones term of service with the Association. They are worn opposite the Military Medals on the right hand breast in line with the Military Medals. The highest award as you look at them would be from right to left. The first one would be the Distinguished Service Star, awarded to those that have performed over and above the normal duties of KVA. This medal will no longer be awarded as of 2006. The second one is the Medal of Merit and Bar, this medal is recommended through the Unit and is awarded at the Unit level. The third one is the Long Service Medal, the medal is awarded for 5 years service and additional Bar with the number of years stamped on it. Only one bar is worn on the medal. The fourth is the Ambassador of Peace Medal, this medal is awarded to those that returned to Korea on a revisit trip and is awarded during the visit by a rep of the Korea Veterans Association in Korea. It has also been awarded to those that have performed special duties and were unable to take the trip back to Korea. The fifth is the 40th Anniversary of the Korean War, it can be worn by members with service in the Association prior to 1993. The last medal is the Syngman Rhee Medal, it is presently being worn by other countries with their military medals but has not been authorized to be worn with Military Medals by our Canadian Korea Veterans. It is presently being looked at by the National Council who has been lobbying the Government to have the medal authorized to be worn with the Military Medals. We have been advised by the Honours and Awards Chairman that Honourary members may be awarded the Long Service Medal for their service but the other medals are only awarded to regular members of the Association. For information on mounting of medals go to normsmedalmounting.com or contact norm at normvant@mts.net for information on the supplying & awarding of KVA medals contact Honours & Awards Chairman Paul Rochon at rochonp@execulink.com

National Honours and Awards Rules & Regulation


The Korea Veterans Association of Canada (KVA) embodies the spirit of comradeship that was developed during the Korean War and the years that followed. KVA is comprised primarily of members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Air Force) in Korea during the 1950-1953 war and on peacekeeping duties in Korea from 1953 to 1955. Korea veterans who served with United Nations Forces from other countries as well as certain ancillary units are also eligible for membership (see Membership page). At present there are 53 branches (units) across Canada. Each unit elects its own executive and most meet on a monthly basis except during the summer. KVA is divided geographically into five regions – Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and Pacific. Each region elects its own executive. At the national level the organization is governed by the National Council. National Council is comprised of the National President, National Vice-President, National Immediate Past President, five Regional Presidents, and appointed National committee chairmen. Biennial national reunions (combined with a convention business meeting) are held in even-numbered years. In recent years KVA national reunions have been held in Quebec 2006, Toronto (2004), Edmonton (2002), Ottawa (2000), Winnipeg (1998), Calgary (1996), Ottawa (1994), Victoria (1992) Toronto 1990, Montreal Quebec 1988, Cornwall, Ont 1986 and Ottawa 1984. Most KVA regions meet annually or semi-annually and each unit within the regions hold meetings and social events. Encompassed in the objectives of KVA are the welfare and concerns of Korean War veterans and their families. Representation is frequently made to government departments and other groups either directly or in conjunction with The Royal Canadian Legion or the National Council of Veterans Associations, to protect the interests of our members.

Honourary Membership in KVA
The following shall be eligible for Honourary membership: those not otherwise qualified who, by reason of their interest in and service to veterans and their families and the work of KVA Can, deserve such honour,and who acceptance is approved by the National Council. See Sec 5 National By Laws

By-law changes 16 September 2006. Industry Canada approval 6 November 2006
3(d)(i) Any member who causes discredit or dishonour to the Association will be liable to be struck from the membership role of the Association and forfeit all rights as a member of the Korea Veterans Association of Canada, (Inc.). Membership may be revoked by the National Council subject to appeal at the next National Convention General Meeting of the members.
(ii) This section includes but may not be confined to the following: Any member who physically or verbally assaults another member, or is found willfully passing on false information in an attempt to tarnish the reputation may be liable to dismissal or suspension for a period of time to be determined by the National Council subject to appeal at the next National Convention General Meeting of the members.
(iii) This section included but may not be confined to the following:
Any member who corresponds with the Government or Media in an attempt to negate the results of a majority vote and/or petition relating to Association business will be liable to dismissal or suspension for a time to be determined by the National Council, subject to appeal at the next National Convention General Meeting of the members. See Unit 76 By - Laws section 18.03 re transfers from one unit to another http://www.normsmedalmounting.com/ Unit 72 presented a resolution at the meeting that reads: THEREFORE: Be it resolved that members in good standing of the Korea Veteran Association of Canada be free to transfer from one KVA Unit to another without impediment, without necessity of further approval.

For further information see - History of KVA.

Roly Soper over the years has done a job second to none on the National web-site. For information on Korea, special events and things that this organization has accomplished over the years click on the above and enjoy the history lesson.


Terry Wickens (705) 848 0073 terrywickens@sympatico.ca


Paul Rochon

Heritage President & Korea Revisit Program (519) 668 5299

Heritage Unit
Please ensure all applications for membership should be submitted to :
Paul Rochon 21-160 Conway Drive, London, ON. N6E 3M6

The Heritage Unit was founded by men of vision. In the years ahead when more and more "active" units disband, Korea veterans will turn to the Heritage Unit for information of common interest. The Heritage Unit will help to perpetuate the historical role of Canadians in the Korean War long after KVA as we know it now, ceases to exist. Over 600 Korea veterans have paid the $45 one-time fee for lifetime membership in the Heritage Unit since its inception. The majority are also members of active KVA units. The balance of the membership is comprised of members who belonged to regular KVA units which have now disbanded; members who do not have an active unit in their area and members who do, but who do not wish to participate (such as shut-ins). Under ordinary circumstances a member of the Heritage Unit is expected to belong to a regular unit of the Korea Veterans Association of Canada if there is a unit within reasonable commuting distance from the member’s home. Each member receives a permanent lifetime membership card indicating that he served with United Nations Forces in Korea, an attractive membership certificate suitable for framing and an annual newsletter. Yearly nominal rolls are also published.

Go to http://www.kvacanada/ for more information

National Past-President
Les Peate (613) 225-0443 Fax (613) - 225-9935

Regional President Atlantic
Dunham Robert (506) 386-1715

Regional President Quebec

Henri St. Laurent CD

(450) 672-6626 Fax (450) 672-8267 leastlaurent@videotron.ca

Regional President Ontario
Al Tobio (613) 622-0784

Regional President Prairie Region
Gerry Tait (306) 652-1052

Elected President Prairie Region effective 1 Jan 2008
Douglas Whorall CD -mail Address(es): whorrall@telus.net
5619 55 Avenue Cres
Innisfail AB
T4G 1X6

Regional President Pacific

John Bishop (250) 743-3383 johnbishop@uniserve.com

National Secretary
Gordon J. H. Strathy CD
(613) 687-4881 Fax (613) 687-1274 gordor44@sympatico.ca

National Treasurer
Doug Finney
(905) 579-0751Fax (905) 579-0527

National Membership Chairman
Roseamon Rouxel
(705) 426 1807 rrouxel@hotmail.com

National Sergeant-at-Arms
Kenneth Himes (250)) 747-0429

National Kit Stores, Honours & Awards
Edward Grant,
109-6035 Vedder Road
Sardis, BC. V2B 1E5


Dave Davidson (519)896 6466

Founding President

Clyde Boogie (705) 737-5447

Liaison Korean Veterans Association (ROK)

Charles Kim (416) 761-9097Fax (416) 761-0102

Roly Soper (403) 274-1375Fax (404) 275-1306

As mentioned above KVA Canada is divided into 5 Regions, Atlantic Region, Quebec Region, Ontario Region, Prairie Region, and Pacific Region. Each Region has it's own executive and is divided into Units which have their own executive. Both the Regional and the Units conform to the National Rules & Regulations as per the National By-laws. These By-laws are not to be altered or changed without a resolution being put forward to the National Council to be tabled at a National Convention and voted on by the delegates in attendance. Those delegates are selected from the individual Units to act on behalf of the Unit at Regional AGM Meetings and National Conventions. To date they have been held every second year. The Regional AGM is held on the alternate year. At the Unit level, in most cases they meet on a monthly basis to discuss matters of importance to the members and in some cases get together for luncheon and comradeship. Age is becoming a factor in our Units and parades and social events are becoming something of the past. We still attempt to attend functions, carry flags on parade and represent KVA where possible. This may give you the basic working knowledge of the National, Regional and Unit Levels. For more information on the different units in each Region see you Unit Presidents or go to - History of KVA.

Covers Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
For information on other units within the different Regions go to

Unit 17 KVA Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hugh Mackenzie

1 (204) 255 0071
kva.macken@mts.net Unit 17 Web-Site http://www.unit17kva.ca/
Webmaster Bill Czuboka & Editor Mike Czuboka.

Unit 76 KVA Winnipeg, Manitoba

Acting President Robert Tuck
421-1310 Archibald St
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 0Z3
Ph (204) 257 6771 e mail normvant@mts.net

Unit 76 Blog http://koreavetsunit76.blogspot.com/

Sgt Tommy PRINCE MM Memorial Unit # 76 Winnipeg

To our former members of the Armed Forces that served in Korea during the period 1950 to 1955. We are pleased to inform you that a special tribute has been paid to the memory of one of Canada’s Aboriginal soldiers. This year 2006 being the year of the Veteran we speak of Sgt Tommy Prince, MM. A request has been made and granted by a Winnipeg Group to the National Executive to form another unit in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This unit will be the 2nd unit in Canada named after an individual and we feel honoured that the family is allowing us to use his name in the formation of a unit in the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba. The only other one is the Heritage Unit which is named after General Rockingham. All Korea Veterans Association policies and regulations pertaining to the operation of a unit will be adhered to by the new unit which will be called the Sgt Tommy PRINCE MM Memorial Unit 76 Winnipeg of the Korea Veterans Association. For more information on the Korea Veterans Associations you may go to http://www.kvacanada.com/ . This is the KVA National Web-Site and contains information that will be interesting to those that are Korea Veterans and those that may be just interested in researching the history of the Korean War. The unit itself will be formed from men and women from other units and those Korea Veterans that for some reason or other may have never belonged to the KVA. The home base will be located at The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #4, 1755 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. We thank the President, Executive and members of RCL Br #4 for allowing us the privilege of using their facilities. The members will meet once a month for a luncheon and brief discussions. The Executive will be formed as per the guidelines laid down in the National Bylaws and will ensure that a copy of the unit by-laws are given to each new member upon their acceptance to the unit. Membership is restricted to those that served in Korea. It will also be restricted to 2 types of Membership, that of an Ordinary Member being a person that served in Korea and has an honourable discharge and a Honourary Member who for services rendered above and beyond the call of duty deserves honourable mention. A honourary member must have the approval of the National Executive before Membership is granted and will be will be voted on by the members on a yearly basic. He/She must continue to contribute to the unit’s well being to maintain his or her membership within the unit. For those may be interested in joining the Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Unit 76 Winnipeg, you may download the following application form for membership or transfer form from the following web-site http://www.normsmedalmounting.com/ Upon completion of the forms please forward along with a copy of your discharge record (If new Member) to Sgt Tommy Prince MM Memorial Unit # 76 Winnipeg, 581 Lodge Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0S7. For more information on Sgt Tommy Prince MM go to http://www.normsmedalmounting.com/ click on the Sgt Tommy PRINCE MM Page or call Denis at 204 896 7464

Executive Unit 76 KVA

We thank the above members of Unit 76 KVA for running for Executive Officers. We are in need of people to stand for Office within the Unit. At the present time Roy McIvor is in theaphy in the River View Hospital in Winnipeg. . Roy suffered a serious stroke and we are hoping for him to recover. In the meantime Bob Tuck has assumed full responsibility as President of the Unit and others have stepped up to the plate to help out. Our thought and prayers are with Roy as he goes through these trying times. For more information on the Sgt Tommy Prince MM Unit 76. Go to www.normsmedalmounting.com. You can read the bylaws download an application form by clicking on the Tommy Prince portion for the following: Unit 76 By-Laws,Unit 76 Appendix to the By-Laws, KVA Dress Code, brochure that you can print and pass on to anyone else you may think would be interested, view the Unit Charter, National Honours and Awards Rules Regulation National By-laws with the changes voted upon in Quebec City September 16th 2006. Applications, By-Laws and the Appendix are available in Adobe PDF files. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat you can down load it free from Adobe

USA Presidential Citation awarded to 2 PPCLI for their action and stand at the Battle of Kapyong in Korea on the 21- 23 Apr 1951. It is worn proudly by the 2 Bn PPCLI to this date.

Military Medals awarded for Service in Korea 1950 - 1955

The above medals are awarded to those that served in Korea from 1950 to 1955. See honour and awards below for other medals awarded to those that served with distinction during the Korean War.

Honours and Awards received by members of the Canadian Army during the Korean War

Pictured above are from left to right - the Korea Medal, which was awarded for service from the period Jun 25, 1950 to 27 Jul 53. Second is the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea, it was awarded for service from 25 Jun to 1950 to 1955, third is the Cdn Peacekeeping Medal, it was awarded to those that served after the cease fire 27 Jul 53. Those that served after the 27 Jul 53 were not awarded the Korea War Medal. In some cases many serving during and after the cease fire were awarded all the medals. The last medal is the United Nations Medal issued to those that served during the period 1950 - 1955. There were also medals of bravery and the MID earned in Korea by many of our brave men that served there. Many of those that served in Korea were 2nd WW Veterans and were recipients of several medals for their service prior to Korea. After Korea, many of our veterans stayed in the service and went on to serve with the United Nations on other missions in war torn countries and with NATO during the Cold War threat. For information or mounting of medals contact Norm at normvant@mts.net or see blog http://www.normsmedalmounting.net/

The Royal Canadian Legion

Join with us and support the Royal Canadian Legion and the Korea Veterans Association Unit 76 at # 4 RCL 1755 PortageAve, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ph# 888 2860 for more info:

Veterans working with Veterans

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