Friday, August 25, 2006

To some of us that are still here that was a long time ago

Ken Stein presently of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ken served with the 2nd and 3rd PPCLI. He went to Korea as reinforcement for the 2 PPCLI. Pictured above as he is taking a carpet back up into the hills to add to the muddy bunker. He learned his trade well as a scrounger during his period in Korea. He is a member of Unit 17 KVA in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Vic Dey and Larry Francisco a Couple of boys from down under

This picture was taken in September 1952, me on the left and my mate Larry Francisco who has lived in England for the past 50 odd years. Vic has kept a close relationship with many Canadians over the years and has come to Canada to take part in our KVA Conventions, as well Vic has entertained many of our Canadians that have gone over to Australia for a visit over the years. For this we thank him and his fellow comrades.

These are the pictures that we used at the 1998 Convention in Winnipeg
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The 1998 Calander made up by the Convention Committee 98 KVA Convention
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The ship the 2 PPCLI returned from Korea on

Three of the Van Tassel Brothers from Digby Nova Scotia

Left to right Norman Van Tassel served with the 2 QOR of C Wayne Van Tassel served with the 1st & 2nd Bn QOR of C and Clyde Richard served with the 2 RCR and Black Watch. Norm served in Korea with the 2 QOR and Clyde Richard served in Korea with the 2 RCR. All three served 4 terms and got out of the service. Clyde Richard passed away in 1996. Wayne resides in Timmins, Ont and Norm reside in Winnipeg Manitoba. He has enjoyed doing this blog hopefully you will enjoy reading it.

Korean War > Camaraderie > Norm Van Tassel

Members of C Coy 2 QOR of C the Last Regt to leave Korea
Lightfoot, Van Tassel & Staton all three from NS. This was their last day in Korea they are awaiting transportation to the ship Mar 1955

Paul Rochon served with the R22eR in Korea
Paul is a member of # 4 KVA Unit in London Ontario and has been responsible for the National Kit Store for the past several years. As of 2007 he is the vice President of KVA National, President of the Hertiage Unit and is still looking after the National Kit Stores until he can find a replacement.

So called safe conduct passes

Bruce Wareing of LDSH (RC) during his tour of duty in Korea Bruce is sitting on Hill 355 (Note the barrel of the tank sticking out.

Member of the R22eR cleaning their Bren gun

Giving a treat to the ladies

Look at the face it tells the story

Members of D Company 2 PPCLI Bren Gun Section

Checking out the Valley

Getting ready for a Patrol

Moving out on Patrol

The Home away from home no running water

The Bren Gun Section of D Company, 2 PPCLI in Korea.
Denis LaFreniere member of Unit 76 was a medical assistant in Company HQ with D Company and passed these pictures on to us . This is after the battle of Kapyong. It does give us the understanding of living conditions at the time.

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