Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Korea Wall St James Legion # 4 Canoe River and Korea

Mounted on the wall in the upstairs lounge of #4 RCL St James
This is the original copy of the story of the Canoe River Train Wreck. It happened on the 21 Nov 1950. The troops were enroute to Fort Lewis Washington for training, then on to Korea. The troops were from Camp Shilo, Manitoba. 17 Soldiers lost their lives in the accident. The names have been listed on the Wall of Remembrance in Brampton, Ont., a Cairn at the site of the accident, a Cairn at Camp Shilo Manitoba, the Korea Cairn at Winnipeg Brookside Cemetery, as well as a lake named after the soldier from Manitoba that was killed in the accident.

We Will Remember

This wall is dedicated to those that served in Korea from 1950 to 1955

Displayed in the upstairs lounge Royal Canadian Legion Branch #4
1755 Portage Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba

Proclamation declaring Jul 27 Korea Veterans Day

These were all members of Unit 17 KVA. Many are now gone
Presentation at 4 RCL by Gerry McAlpine Local MLA for Sturgent Creek. As of 2007 many in the above picture have passed on. Left to Right 1) Vern Walker PPCLI 2) Mel Lewis PPCLI Deceased 3) John Coyal RCASC deceased 4) Paul Lamoureau R22eR deceased 5) John Reily RCEME 6) Bill Meville PPCLI deceased Wpg Beach 7) Len Johansson RCHA 8) Bong Jae Yim Korean Rep deceased) 9) Mr. Korea Society 10) Gerry McAlpine Local MLA 11) Pat Lennex RCHA deceased 12) Norm Van Tassel QOR of C 13) Bill Campbell QOR of C 14) John Gillis RCHA 15) Walley Brazel PPCLI 16) Paul Langlois RCASC deceased 17) Nick Borodenko PPCLI and 18) Henry Schryer RCE & RCR deceased

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